Our approach

Every future project, be it wind energy or photovoltaics, consists of three phases. MFC GmbH has a strong command of each of these phases, thanks to many years of experience in this field:

  1. Planning: site surveying and analysis
  2. Realisation: financing and construction
  3. Operational management: commercial and technical management of the power generation systems

A one-stop source!

Although each wind energy project is special in various respects, the general scheme for handling such projects is the same:

As soon as a site has been found, at least one year is then needed for conducting profitability analyses and environmental studies. Once the project has been deemed feasible, the areas of land required are secured in law, and application for wind farm approval is filed with the relevant authority. During the approval process, financing concepts are developed that may also include investment opportunities for private citizens. An operator company with an appropriate legal form is formed at the same time.

Once approval to erect and operate the wind turbines has been granted, the construction phase can begin. The wind turbines are ordered and the associated infrastructure is commissioned (foundations, cable installation, substation, roads and pathways, crane hardstandings).

When the wind farm has been brought online, the operational management company handles all the commercial transactions, such as billing the local energy supplier for the power generated, as well as the technical monitoring and maintenance of the wind turbines.


In 2014 our windfarms will generate electricity for 30 000 homes !