In each of his projects, Michael Feldmann, the owner of MFC GmbH, can draw on more than 25 years’ experience in planning and realising electrification projects.

In the mid-1980s, Michael Feldmann was primarily engaged in the repair and maintenance of hydroelectric power stations in Africa.  Since January 2000, he has invested both capital and mental energy in mature technologies such as wind turbines and solar energy.

Since then, MFC GmbH has worked with its subsidiaries (REE SARL) and partners (RES SAS) to plan, build and manage the following wind farms and photovoltaic systems:

Wind farms on the French Atlantic coast

Other wind farms are currently in the construction phase, especially Les Nouillers wind farm :

Photovoltaic systems (PV)

Some of the systems realised since 2009.

Since 2013, 2 MWp have been installed; additional systems are under construction :

In 2014 our windfarms will generate electricity for 30 000 homes !