In January 2003, MFC GmbH and its partner, WEA GmbH, established the REE planning company on the French Atlantic coast. REE currently operates four wind farms, two others are in construction (2013-2014), so at the end of 2014, REE will operate 6 wind farms representing a total installed capacity of 47 MW.

In 2009, Michael Feldmann established the RES SAS engineering consultancy for realising PV systems in France. Since then, the consultancy has planned several MW of capacity and has installed 2 MWp, PV systems with capacities of between 11 kWp and 161 kWp.

REE Wind energy company RES Solar energy company

When developing the projects, other partnerships have ensued, of course, with energy suppliers, investors, manufacturers, etc.

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In 2014 our windfarms will generate electricity for 30 000 homes !