Why decide to work with us

Michael Feldmann

Due to the fact that we invest in the systems we install, we focus on the following key points in all our projects :

  • Efficiency: realistic prediction of wind strengths and insolation levels to achieve the forecast profitability.
  • Wind energy planning :our many years of experience in renewable energies allow us to take all factors into account so that no surprises occur when executing projects.
  • Quality of systems:selection of systems according to locational criteria, with no ties to specific manufacturers.
  • Optimal cost efficiency:our lean and efficient structure keeps costs to the minimum, thus increasing the profitability of the project.
  • Operational management:we ensure that systems operate without disruptions, that maintenance work is carried out and that safety regulations are complied with.

Our Quality promise: Satisfied Customers and Partners !

In 2014 our windfarms will generate electricity for 30 000 homes !