A business transaction is only profitable when all the parties involved,
the buyer as well as the seller, derive a benefit from it!”

This is the aim with which Michael Feldmann, managing director of MFC GmbH, brings all projects to a successful conclusion. The core competency of MFC GmbH are to exploit renewable energies for generating electricity.

MFC GmbH currently deploys two technologies:

Wind energy Photovoltaics

Wind energy projects are long-term ventures involving substantial investments. Successful implementation of a wind energy project also requires the involvement of local government and local communities.

Our work begins where local communities, landowners, associations, private individuals or enterprises, such as utility companies, are interested in launching a wind energy project. Even when a location is well suited for generating power from wind, the initial focus is on making sure that all those involved are fully informed. This includes explaining the economic benefits and environmental compatibility.

The business policies of power utility companies are making it more and more difficult for small and medium-sized companies to survive – not because they lack knowledge or experience, but because electricity markets are being ruthlessly capitalised and monopolised.

In order to operate in this extreme and imbalanced environment, MFC GmbH has suitable, financially strong investors for every project, who invest in renewable energies from strength of conviction.

Renewable energies permit decentralised power generation; electricity is fed directly into the grid, thus avoiding long transportation pathways and greatly reducing energy loss.

Another advantage of decentralised power generation is that value-added is generated locally within the region. Local governments and communities profit from tax revenues and rental income, and in some cases from dividends.

In 2014 our windfarms will generate electricity for 30 000 homes !